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At Vector Technorium, our journey in crafting cutting-edge aviation infrastructure, including MRO facilities, FBO/VIP Terminals, Low-Frills Airports, Heliports, Waterdromes, Simulator Centers, and Flight Schools, begins by meticulously shaping our client’s vision. Our expertise spans the globe, and we seamlessly blend engineering prowess with architectural finesse.

Once we grasp the essence of your project through a detailed client brief, our creative process ignites. We embark on a journey of conceptualization, exploring multiple design iterations. These iterations are born from a profound understanding of the specific infrastructure type, allowable footprint, and myriad other factors. Our spatial designs emerge organically, integrating essential features, equipment specifications, and operational processes. To ensure the projects harmoniously blend with their locales, we draw inspiration from local architectural traditions while infusing the latest trends in architectural and engineering design. Crucially, environmental considerations remain at the forefront of our design philosophy, guiding our projects from inception to fruition.

Vector Technorium stands as a global beacon of design engineering excellence, where your aviation infrastructure dreams take flight. Our commitment to fusing innovative design with sustainable practices ensures that each project we undertake transcends expectations and delivers a lasting impact on the aviation industry.



At Vector Technorium, our team of experts is handpicked from various backgrounds, including MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) and critical aviation infrastructure. With a global reach and a portfolio spanning MRO, FBO/VIP Terminals, Low-Frills Airports, Heliports, Waterdromes, Simulator Centers, and Flight Schools, we bring unparalleled expertise to every project.

Our journey begins with a comprehensive ‘Feasibility Study’ conducted in close collaboration with our clients. During this pivotal initial phase, we delve deep into your vision, objectives, and unique requirements. Our dedicated team captures a wealth of data, enabling us to formulate a precise project roadmap. From there, we craft initial concept layouts and meticulously draw up proposed project designs that align perfectly with your aspirations.

Additionally, our commitment to transparency shines through as we prepare a tentative Bill of Quantities (BoQ) and a budgetary estimation, ensuring clarity and predictability in project costs. We understand the urgency of aviation projects, and our project execution schedule is tailored for efficiency, ensuring timely completion. Vector Technorium’s global expertise extends across the entire spectrum of aviation infrastructure, offering you a trusted partner for your aviation venture.

Site Work


Vector Technorium, with its extensive global experience, excels in meticulously evaluating site conditions before the commencement of various projects, spanning a wide spectrum from MRO, FBO/VIP Terminals, Low Frills Airports, Heliports, Waterdromes, to Simulator Centers and Flight Schools. This comprehensive site assessment process is instrumental in ensuring the success and safety of every undertaking, considering factors that include but are not limited to seismic hazard zones.

Once a potential site is identified as suitable for a specific project, Vector Technorium embarks on a series of critical assessments, starting with topography and obstacle surveys, along with in-depth geotechnical investigations. These examinations yield invaluable data that serves as the foundation for the subsequent phase of project development, namely, the design phase. By conducting thorough groundwork, we guarantee that each project is based on a solid understanding of its site-specific conditions.

In addition to our site evaluation and surveying expertise, Vector Technorium offers comprehensive support in the bureaucratic and regulatory aspects of project initiation. Our services extend to preparing essential documentation for statutory approvals before property acquisition or leasing, as well as providing the necessary documentation for planning and construction permission applications. With Vector Technorium as your partner, you can trust that every project begins with a thorough understanding of its site, a commitment to safety, and a clear path through regulatory processes.



Vector Technorium takes great pride in its robust manufacturing capabilities, a strength that has been honed and perfected since our inception in 2016. Our manufacturing prowess extends not only to our internal product matrix portfolio but also to a diverse array of custom projects, all of which are executed with precision and expertise. Our core materials of focus include steel, aluminium, and FRP, and we take pride in our commitment to meeting and exceeding relevant global standards, as evidenced by the certification of all our technicians.

At Vector Technorium, our manufacturing team operates in seamless harmony with our dedicated design team. This collaborative approach ensures that we strike the delicate balance between understanding the unique requirements of each project and tailoring the manufacturing process to suit those needs perfectly. The synergy between our design and manufacturing teams is the cornerstone of our success, enabling us to consistently deliver exceptional results.

In the realm of infrastructure projects, Vector Technorium boasts an in-house team of accomplished architects and interior designers who are responsible for conceiving and shaping our iconic designs. These visionary professionals work hand-in-hand with our specialized construction crew to transform concepts into reality. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Vector Technorium not only envisions architectural marvels but also brings them to life with unparalleled construction capabilities, making us a formidable force in the industry.

Project Management


Vector Technorium boasts an impeccable reputation that draws the attention of discerning customers worldwide, particularly for our exceptional Project Management skills. The driving force behind this reputation is straightforward: unwavering commitment to 100% transparency. We are dedicated to delivering the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. This fundamental value underpins our approach to project management, setting us apart in the industry.

When you require no-nonsense management of your project or contract, the Vector Technorium team is your ideal choice. Our project management team assumes a central role as key stakeholders, guiding projects from their inception through to successful completion. Our Project Management Consultancy (PMC) team is responsible for a comprehensive range of functions, from conducting feasibility studies and developing layout designs to meticulously selecting contractors and managing the intricate tendering process. We oversee the entire construction process and diligently handle contract administration, including commissioning, as well as providing essential as-constructed information, including during the defects liability period.

In addition to our robust project management services, contract management is an integral part of Vector Technorium’s Project Management Consultancy. Our expertise shines through in crafting watertight contracts, consistently earning accolades when reviewed by external legal counsel. Our involvement extends from the initial drafting of contracts to vigilantly tracking contractual milestones, taking proactive measures to address potential delays or deadline lapses.

Furthermore, within our comprehensive contract management services, we prioritize the meticulous documentation necessary to support or refute any claims and counterclaims. In the event of legal disputes, our team assists clients in presenting factual information accurately under the relevant jurisdiction. Drawing upon our extensive experience, we are well-versed in handling arbitration cases, both in India, UK and Singapore. With Vector Technorium as your partner, you can trust in our commitment to transparency, expert contract management, and the ability to navigate complex legal challenges with finesse.