About Us

Welcome to Vector Technorium, a pioneering force established in 2016 and headquartered in India. With a global footprint, we cater to the distinct needs of aviation and defence clientele across the world. Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive design and design-build solutions tailored for low-frills airports, heliports, FBOs, MRO facilities, simulator centers, and flight schools.


Our journey began under the visionary leadership of Anirrban Batacharrya, the driving force behind India’s inaugural Aircraft Maintenance Docking System. What initiated as a modest Design Consulting Firm has now evolved into Vector Technorium, a recognized global powerhouse specializing in MRO and key aviation infrastructure. We excel at managing the entire project lifecycle, from conceptualization and design to meticulous project oversight and successful execution.


At Vector Technorium, customization is our hallmark. Acknowledging that each client comes with distinct requirements, we rise to the occasion by crafting tailored solutions that set new benchmarks aligned with global best practices. Our engineering excellence is our pride, and we consistently stay on the cutting edge of technology trends, defining industry standards and catalyzing the aviation sector’s journey toward a prosperous future.

Our Ethos

Welcome to our realm of expertise – where visionary concepts materialize into tangible reality. Rooted in our establishment in 2016, headquartered in India, and extending our influence globally, we specialize in bringing to life avant-garde solutions tailored for the Aviation, Aerospace, and Defence sectors.


Our proficiency springs from a harmonious fusion of experience, technical finesse, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence. These elements converge to create innovative pathways that redefine the boundaries of what’s achievable. Across the gamut of our services, whether it’s the intricate design of MRO or key infrastructure, adept project management and execution, the intricate realm of Maintenance Stands, or the pioneering advancements in Aircraft Maintenance Docking Systems, our competence resonates as a hallmark of distinction.


Our multidisciplinary team of experts operate in symphony, ensuring that each project is a testament to quality, ingenuity, and streamlined efficiency. As we partner with illustrious entities across the globe, our competence shines forth, establishing us as a beacon of trust and reliability.


Vector Technorium embodies unwavering dedication, a reservoir of unparalleled expertise, and solutions that transcend the mundane to redefine industry benchmarks. With us, your aspirations take flight, and innovation knows no limits.

Our Services

Creating a state-of-the-art aircraft maintenance hangar or any critical aviation infrastructure, including FBO/VIP Terminals, Low-Frills Airports, Heliports, Waterdromes, Simulator Centers, and Flight Schools, demands a delicate balance of design prowess and a deep understanding of the unique functional requirements. At Vector Technorium, we excel in this intricate dance.


Our accomplished team boasts a track record of designing over 100 aircraft hangars catering to commercial, corporate, and military clients worldwide. Beyond hangars, our portfolio spans FBOs, Airports, Heliports, and more. Our team is a harmonious blend of architects, facility planners, engineers, builders, environmental experts, commissioning professionals, and air quality control specialists. Together, we collaborate seamlessly to ensure your project is delivered on time and within budget, utilizing the project delivery method that best suits your needs, whether it’s design-build, design-bid-build, construction management, program management, or other contracting approaches.


At Vector Technorium, we guide you through every project phase, assuming responsibility for all aspects, from permitting and design to commissioning and startup. Serving as your single point of contact and accountability, we provide you with access to cutting-edge technologies and resources essential for the success of your aviation infrastructure project. With a global footprint and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Vector Technorium is your trusted partner in shaping the future of aviation infrastructure.