Maintenance Platform

A Maintenance Platform is a specialized structure designed to provide technicians with secure and convenient access to various sections of an aircraft during maintenance, repair, or overhaul tasks. Widely applied in aviation projects, these platforms are crafted to meet precise industry specifications, ensuring both technician safety and effective work execution.

Propeller Stand

The Propeller Stand is a purpose-built structure designed to securely hold and position aircraft propellers during maintenance, repair, or overhaul procedures. It is an indispensable tool in ensuring meticulous attention to propeller components, meeting industry-set specifications for optimum operational efficiency.

Helicopter Blade Rack

A Helicopter Blade Rack is a meticulously designed stand crafted to store and preserve helicopter blades securely during maintenance intervals. Its application ensures blades are held at accurate angles, mitigating risks of deformities or damages, thus meeting critical aerospace specifications.

Step Ladder

A Step Ladder is an essential, height-adjustable tool for aviation mechanics, providing safe and efficient access to aircraft parts during maintenance and inspection routines. Built with industry-standard specifications, these ladders ensure stability, durability, and optimal reach.

Pax Door

The Pax Door Stand is a specialized tool designed for aircraft passenger door maintenance. Vital for inspections, repairs, and servicing, it ensures a stable platform that meets exacting industry standards.

Engine Fan Cowl

Dedicated to aviation’s intricate needs, the Engine Fan Cowl Stand is a crucial tool for aircraft maintenance. Designed for accessing and working on the engine’s fan cowl during inspections and repairs, it meets rigorous specifications to ensure workers’ safety and task efficiency.

Wheel Bay Stand

A Wheel Bay Stand is an indispensable tool in the aviation industry, primarily utilized for aircraft maintenance and repair tasks. It is strategically designed to facilitate easier access to the wheel bay area of aircraft, enhancing the efficiency and precision of maintenance activities. The specifications of the stand align with the standard requirements and guidelines of aviation maintenance, ensuring its robust applicability and performance in various demanding conditions.

Cargo Bay Stand

Step into the world of Cargo Bay Stand with Vector Technorium. Indispensable in the Aviation and Defence sector, these stands are specifically designed to provide maintenance personnel with secure and ergonomic access to an aircraft’s cargo bay. With industry-commended specifications, our stands ensure durability, safety, and unmatched efficiency during inspections, repairs, and other maintenance operations.

Avionics Bay Stand

An Avionics Bay Stand is a crucial apparatus utilized extensively in the realms of aerospace maintenance and repair. Tailored to provide seamless access to the aircraft’s avionics bay, these stands facilitate a streamlined workflow, enabling technicians to execute maintenance and repair tasks with heightened precision and efficacy. Manufactured to conform with stringent industry standards and specifications, our stands embody reliability and robustness, promising steadfast performance under a spectrum of operational conditions.

Water Test Stand

Introducing the Water Test Stand – an indispensable tool in the Aviation and Defence sector. Primarily used for pressure testing and simulating in-flight conditions, this stand ensures that aircraft components are robust and leak-proof under varying pressure scenarios. Built with meticulous specifications, it guarantees precise, safe, and reliable testing.

Tyre Stand

In the intricate world of aerospace, the Tyre Stand stands as a pivotal tool. Specially crafted to support and position aircraft tyres during maintenance, inspection, and replacement, its design adheres to the highest industry specifications, ensuring durability and ease of use.

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