Low Frills Airport

A Low Frills Airport is a streamlined aviation facility designed for efficiency and economy. Catering primarily to budget travellers, these airports strip down on luxuries but not on function, focusing on the core necessities of passenger transit. With the rise in cost-conscious travellers, their demand has soared. Vector Technorium stands at the forefront of crafting these specialized airports. Our expertise in MRO infrastructure and hangar design ensures a holistic approach to Low Frills Airport creation. Beyond mere construction, our dedication aligns with the unique demands of this aviation segment, ensuring travellers’ satisfaction and seamless operations.

FBO/VIP Terminal

An FBO/VIP Terminal is the epitome of luxury in the aviation world. Designed for the elite, it offers an exclusive and seamless experience for private jet passengers and crew. These terminals stand apart with tailored amenities, personalized services, and strict privacy protocols. Vector Technorium, leveraging its vast experience in aerospace projects, excels in the construction and optimization of these specialized terminals. Alongside, our expertise extends to paint hangar applications, ensuring every aspect of aviation luxury and functionality is met. Our commitment is to redefine opulence in air travel.


A Heliport is a dedicated landing facility designed specifically for helicopters. Unlike traditional runways, heliports are compact, and versatile, and can be established in urban areas, hospitals, commercial complexes, or remote regions for swift aerial connectivity. Vector Technorium stands at the zenith of heliport infrastructure development. Our seasoned team blends innovation with experience, ensuring your heliport meets all specifications for safety and efficiency. In addition, we also specialize in paint hangar applications, ensuring every helicopter looks as premier as its performance.


A Waterdrome is an innovative aviation facility, specifically designed for seaplanes and amphibious aircraft to take off and land on water. Primarily used in areas with vast water bodies or challenging terrains, it offers unparalleled access to remote regions or tourist hotspots. With Vector Technorium at the helm, designing a state-of-the-art waterdrome becomes a seamless endeavour. Our extensive expertise ensures your waterdrome is both functional and safe. Further amplifying our prowess, our paint hangar applications ensure aircraft aesthetics match performance.

Sim Center

A Sim Centre, short for Simulation Centre, is an advanced training facility harnessing cutting-edge technology to recreate real-life aviation scenarios. Predominantly used for pilot training, air traffic control, and aircraft system familiarization, it delivers immersive experiences, ensuring proficient hands-on training. With Vector Technorium’s unmatched prowess, establishing a state-of-the-art SIM centre tailored to your specifications is a streamlined process. Incorporating our paint hangar applications, we ensure every facet, down to equipment aesthetics, resonates excellence.

Flight Schools

A Flight School is a dedicated institution that provides comprehensive training to aspiring pilots, offering both theoretical lessons and practical flying sessions. Essential to the aviation sector, it equips trainees with the skills to navigate the skies confidently. Vector Technorium stands as an indispensable partner for flight schools, delivering specialized infrastructure—from cutting-edge classrooms to modern hangars, including our specialized paint hangar applications ensuring the longevity and aesthetics of training aircraft.

Jet Blast Deflectors

Jet Blast Deflectors (JBD) are vital components designed to redirect the powerful thrust of jet engines, ensuring safe ground operations around airports and aircraft carriers. These essential barriers protect personnel, equipment, and infrastructure from the hazardous forces of jet exhaust. They’re prominently used in runway environments and adjacent taxiways.

Vector Technorium, with its unparalleled expertise in the Aviation and Defence sectors, offers robust and efficient Jet Blast Deflectors tailored to meet the specific requirements of your projects.

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